Scores for July 17, 2003

Food For Thought- July 17, 2003


Panda Buffet-66   79 Winchester Ave.

*BLeach and other cleaners stored near food

*Beef, chicken, and pork were stored at bacteria breeding temperatures

*"Excessive" amounts of uncovered food in the walk-in cooler. C

Church's Fried Chicken-59 4687 Navy Road

*Toxic item stored near food

*No soap in the men's restroom

*Walls and floor were dirty in the walk-in cooler


-Grill 83 Restaurant and Grill- 99 79 Madison Ave.

-Subway- 97 495 Union Ave.

-Pie in the Sky-96 2149 Young Ave.

-The Fish House-95 1211 South Parkway.

-Java Cabana Gallery-95 2170 Young Ave.

Remember...Know the Score Before You Walk Through the Door