Mud Island House Hit Hard

As the storm moved in from the West and crossed the Mississippi, Mud Island was one of the first places to get hit. While some houses were left untouched, others were not as lucky.

Danari Fowlkes hammered in the last nail to fortify his wind torn home...the uprooted trees that litter the normally serene drive down Mud Island is proof of the storm's power.

Unfortunately for Danari and his family, his house got the worst of it.

With sheets of torn siding, a mattress in the yard, and a crib laying nearby, no reminder is necessary for how lucky, he, his wife and 2 year old son are not to have been injured.

"We heard loud noises and looked outside and saw trees being blown from side to another, it happened in about 5 minutes and we came out to assess and of course a big hole had been blown in our house."

The side of the house had been torn off, while t

he front yard was littered with drywall and insulation from the second floor. Miraculously, Denari says the house may still be livable.

"Even though the 2nd floor is totally destroyed, the first floor is pretty much okay."

The clean up is done, and for now, the Fowlkes family will have to make do with a hole in their house...waiting for the insurance company to process the claim. The claims adjustor is in Kansas City right now and won't be here till Friday, tack on a couple more weeks to get it fixed and you're talking about a serious inconvenience.