Coyote captured in Midtown Memphis

By Jason Miles - bio | email | Facebook

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A pattern of pet killings in Midtown Memphis may be over with the capture of a coyote.

Charles Harris of Apex Wildlife Control snapped pictures of the coyote minutes after its capture.

"It was just sitting there, under a bench," said Harris.

Harris was contacted by Memphis Police after officers were called to a house on Monroe Avenue.

"It's not common, but yet there are more coyotes than you would imagine in Shelby County," said Harris.

The coyote's capture followed months of sightings in the Central Gardens neighborhood and elsewhere in Midtown.

One of the initial reports last summer was along Central Avenue when a woman reported she saw a coyote eating a neighbor's cat.

In July, the owner of a cat named "Mean Kitty" said her pet was also killed by what appeared to be a coyote.

Harris said his company routinely captures all kids of animals, including coyotes, raccoons and snakes.  He said there may be more than one coyote in Midtown.

The coyote was released back into the wild.

A local game warden said coyotes are the most adaptable animals in North America.  He advised to never leave small pets or children unattended in areas where coyotes have been spotted.

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