Grieving mother hopes to get to Memphis for son's funeral

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A grieving mother in Rochester, New York hopes to raise enough money to attend her murdered son's funeral in Memphis.

Two men shot down Brenda Randle's son, Anthony Randle, in a crime capture on store surveillance tape.

"Ever since then, I've been crying and crying," she said.  "I ain't never going to see my son again."

Brenda Randle fought back tears as she described how her daughter called her with the news that her son was shot and killed outside a Memphis market.

"She was like, 'Anthony's been shot, ma,'" said Randle.  "I said, 'no, my son hasn't been shot.'"

In store surveillance video, Anthony Randle was shown getting on his bike as two other men walked by and said something.  Moments later, he was shot dead.

Brenda Randle does not have a car and rides the bus to work.  She said she hopes to be able to travel from upstate New York to Memphis for her son's funeral.

She said that several days ago, Anthony Randle had spoken to her on the phone about visiting her with his young son.  That was the last time they talked.

"He said, 'you don't have to worry about me mom.  I'm going to stay out of trouble,'" said Brenda Randle.  "Then that was it, I said, 'make sure you call me back later.'"

A television station in Rochester, New York has launched a fund drive to help Randle with transportation.

"Just to be there," she said.  "And to touch him and hold him and let him know how sorry I am for being gone, and that I will never see him again."

Brenda Randle said her son had been staying in Memphis with an aunt.

A Crime Stoppers tip helped police arrest 19-year-old Anthony Williams in this case.  Officers said he was one of the two men seen on the surveillance video.

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