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Armored car guard confuses balloons with gunshots

AURORA, CO (NBC) - An armored car guard had a New Year's Eve he's unlikely to forget when he confused popping balloons for an attempted armed robbery.

A Brinks security officer was working in the ATM room of a Wells Fargo bank in Aurora, CO, Friday morning when he heard the three loud pops.

Just after 10 a.m., the officer alerted police, who responded thinking a robbery was in progress.

Fortunately, police said the noises the guard thought to be gunshots were actually three helium-filled balloons that had floated to the ceiling and exploded.

In spite of the confusion, both police and Brinks said the guard did the right thing by phoning for help.

"He followed protocol 100 percent and responded properly to the circumstances," said Brinks in a statement.

Wells Fargo released a statement thanking Aurora Police for the quick response.

Police said they were glad no one was injured while rushing to the bank on the snow-covered roads.

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