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Woman shares her weight loss journey on YouTube.

(FORT WORTH, TX) - A Texas mother has found a diet that has changed her life and is sharing her secret to other on Youtube.

Laurel Wright was ready to give up the search for a working diet until she found a plan called Slimming World.

"I had given up," Wright said. "I decided that I am who I am, I have a good personality, if you like me you can take me as I am, if you like me fat that's good because that's who I'm going to be because I really didn't have any hope."

The new diet plan helped Wright change the way she thought about food. She eats nothing but all real foods: fresh fruit, veggies, protein and carbohydrates.

"It's changed my brain," Wright said.

Wright has used the internet video sharing site Youtube to share with everyone what she buys so they can try it themselves. She also has a personal blog people can follow.

"When I hear stories from people who follow me from around the world literally," Wright said. "I can get so encouraged!"

Wright has lost 72 pounds due to changed eating habits and for New Year's her resolution was to begin exercising.

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