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Good resolutions could make you pay at the gym

(SAN DIEGO, CA) - The New Year brings with it aspirations to get in shape by joining the local gym, but this resolution can be more expensive that some think.

"You get the surge in January, maybe a little less in February," said Sidd Vivek with the Mission Valley YMCA. "I think there is a gradual dropping off."

This gradual drooping of attendance is what catches many by surprise.

While some gyms offer month-to-month deals, many push for year-long contracts, leaving members paying whether they go or not.

"You want to make sure everything that you were promised is in writing," said Tricia Pummill of the San Diego City Attorney's office.

No matter what the sales staff tells you, what matters is in the contract.

Some gyms will try to pressure you into signing up on the spot, but make sure to carefully read what you're signing up for.

"You are going to pay whether you use the services or not," Pummill said.

Some tips before signing a contract include: visit the gym during the times you intend to workout, talk to other gym members and remember the key is to lose weight, not your savings account.

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