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Blood test may revolutionize screenings for cancer

(HOUSTON, TX) - A new blood test doctors have experimented with, has shown the potential to find a single cancer cell hiding in the body.

If the test proves to be successful, doctors say it has the potential to replace painful biopsies used to check for cancer cells that have spread.

"You don't see a tumor on a CT scan until it's grown a certain size so this could be potentially more sensitive than imaging," MD Anderson cancer Center lung cancer expert Dr. Roy Herbst said.

Johnson & Johnson considered the test so promising that they signed on to help develop it for public use.

It could also give doctors an early heads up on whether a treatment is working and a better understanding of what's causing tumors to grow.

"If we can do that, we can figure out what the Achilles heel is of that tumor so that we can personalize a therapy for any given patient," Herbst said.

Although its potential is great the blood test remains years away from public use, but clinical trials will begin later this year.

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