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Lawmaker calls for resignation of Shelby Election Commission chairman

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Tennessee State lawmaker is calling for the resignation or removal of the Shelby County Election Commission chairman.

The  behind-the-scenes battle went public Tuesday when Tennessee State Representative GA Hardaway alleged that Shelby County Elections Commission chairman Bill Giannini is buying time for opponents of the unified school system to block the Memphis City Schools charter surrender referendum.

"If you have a political agenda, resign," Hardaway said.

"He's welcome to call for anything he wants to. That's his business," Giannini said in response.

According to Giannini, there's been no delay, the commission set a meeting date within 24 hours of the request, and a special election date will be set - based on the Elections Coordinator's orders, not based on opinion.

"Not a 'Rambo' renegade state legislator or a 'Rambo' renegade city council person or school board member," he said.

Meanwhile, Hardaway said he's been sharing his concerns with various local and state officials and agencies. Specifically on Giannini's request for opinions if the school board filed the referendum properly, if suburban residents should be included in the vote, and if the Memphis City Council must approve the referendum.

"I don't see where most of that is relevant to his job," Hardaway said. "His job is to give oversight of the operations."

Giannini said there are conflicts in the code that could lead to future lawsuits.

"We can spend a million now or we can spend two million plus attorney's fees later," he said.

The Election Commission meets Wednesday at 4:30. Memphians will find out then if and when a special election will happen.

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