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Casino unveils machine that vends gold

LAS VEGAS (NBC) - A Casino is Las Vegas has added a new fixture, but this is no gamble. It's a machine that will actually sell you gold bars and coins.

"We kind of like the idea that Vegas is sort of over the top," said Gary Del Prete with the Golden Nuggets. "And what's better than to have a gold plated vending machine that's open for basically 24 hours?"

Customers can choose between a single gram bar and a 1 ounce coin.

"You know, a 1-gram piece is pretty affordable; around $60," Del Prete said.

Prices on the machine are automatically adjusted every 10 minutes to reflect actual market value.

Golden Nuggets owners believe a gold vending machine is actually a perfect fir for the casino.

The first Gold-To-Go machine debuted in Florida just a few months ago.

Operators there said it's so popular it has to be refilled about every three days, and the Las Vegas unit is expected to do as well, if not better.

"It lets our guests who win a little money in the casino go right over to this machine and make a little money and invest it in a wise way," Golden Nugget CEO Tilman Fertita said.

The machine only accepts cash, and is bolted to the ground, making it virtually impossible to move.

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