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Dry cleaner returns thousands of dollars to customer

RANCHO BERNARDO, CA (NBC) - The owner of a dry cleaner in California recently tracked down a customer to let her know she'd left $2,000 cash in a pocket.

Muoi Leiu, an employee, discovered the money in a jacket pocket two days before Christmas.

Leiu quickly alerted her boss, Hung Tran, who then called the customer three times before finally getting a hold of her.

"That doesn't belong to us here," Tran said. "If we do something wrong, something wrong happens to you. If you're not honest, you will see dishonest people."

It turned out the money wasn't even the customer's, it was her sister's, and she was supposed to deposit that money for her.

Tran moved to the United States from Vietnam 20 years ago and said honesty is the most important policy at his business and all of his employees are quick to hand over the countless wallets, credit cards, jewelry and cash that mistakenly end up inside customers' clothes.

However, this was not their biggest find. Trans' wife was tailoring a customer's jacket several years ago and found $10,000.

"I said, it's not my money, I don't take tips." Xuan Nguyen said.

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