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Latest high-tech gear showcased in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (NBC) - The annual Consumer Electronics Show, underway in Las Vegas, is revealing a first look at the coolest, cutting edge gadgets and gizmos that will be talked about in the next few months.

It's a firsthand look at the future with new technology that many believe will reshape our lives.

"Habits will change, families will change," said Paul Hochman, founder.

A big part of that change is the tablet computer, a slim touch-screen that some say will replace the laptop. As many as 80 different versions are being unveiled at this year's show.

Video conferences have also taken a huge step forward. Creative has created an HD version it thinks will change the game.

"We want to make this very affordable, very accessible for people," said Phil O'Shaughnessey, Creative vice president. "We want people to have an experience just like somebody is in the room with them."

Technology that allows people to access the internet via their television is also on display. Prices for the new technology begin at $90.

"One of the things people don't realize yet is how much more of the world they're searching for will be at their fingertips," Hochman said.

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