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Winter weather strands hundreds at Memphis International

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Winter weather stranded hundreds of passengers inside Memphis International Airport Monday, as snow and ice between Memphis and Atlanta canceled thousands of flights.

The Vice President of airport operations says crews were able to keep all but one runway clear through the night. Cancellations resulted from ice on planes.

Passengers like Logan Lloyd from Austin, Texas ended up spending the night at the airport.

"I was visiting a friend in Phoenix, and for some reason, Delta had me fly through Memphis," Lloyd said.

Lloyd is frustrated about the 24-hour delay because the weather is fine in Phoenix...and fine in her hometown of Austin.

"They had us get on the plane and sit on it for three hours, before they canceled the flight," Lloyd said. "The trucks that were de-icing were running out of fluid."

Kimberlee Barehand made it all the way from Norway, but also got stuck in Memphis thanks to a layover.

"I'm not happy, I wanted to be home," she said.

She was only a two hour flight away from her hometown of Pensacola, Florida. She too was on a plane for hours.

"I got onto the airline, my flight was delayed until 7:30 then it was delayed until 8:45 because of weather," Barehand said. "Then they had to de-ice the plane, once they de-iced the plane, they found a maintenance issue. So we had to de-board at 10 PM, they finally canceled our flight at 11:00 PM."

But travelers did find bright spots.

"I just found these cool mattresses, so that makes it a little better."

Lloyd found a friend.

"She was like, it's warmest here," Lori Fain from San Antonio said.

"Because I stayed here last night," Lloyd said.

Lori Fain says the delay is racking up her parking bill.

"I'm thinking, my car is parked at the airport for $10 a day! You feel handicapped. You feel displaced."

Lloyd and Fain did get on their flights to Texas Monday night.

Fortunately, Meteorologist Dave Brown says there won't be enough precipitation Monday night to cause any problems for planes at the airport.

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