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Charges against TSA protestor dropped

RICHMOND, VA (CNN) - Prosecutors have decided to drop the charges against a 21-year-old man who stripped down at a Virginia airport, displaying the Fourth Amendment written across his chest.

Aaron Tobey, 21, was protesting controversial airport screening methods at the Richmond, VA, airport during the Christmas holidays.

"American citizens have to submit to this, but we're not sheep and it's just silly to arrest somebody you're going to strip search for taking off their own clothes," said Steve Benjamin, Tobey's defense attorney.

Benjamin said Tobey is happy with the prosecution's decision. Tobey wasn't able to attend court Monday because he goes to school in Cincinnati, but he believed in the beginning, stripping down to his running shorts to protest wasn't a crime.

"Whatever he did and however you feel about it, what Mr. Tobey did wasn't the crime of disorderly conduct," Benjamin said. "There was no violence that was intended or expected. He simply wanted to make a statement and Americans we have every right to do that."

A couple people showed up in court on Monday to support Tobey.

"What Mr. Tobey did was imaginative. He wrote the Fourth Amendment on his chest, took off his shirt and got arrested," Benjamin said."That's about as un-American as a thing, to arrest somebody for writing a constitutional provision on their chest as I can imagine."

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