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Dog hospital rehabilitates war heroes

SAN ANTONIO (CNN) - A hospital in San Antonio, TX, is helping military dogs injured in war zones get back on their feet.

Called the "Walter Reed" for dogs, dogs that serve the county are treated at the high-tech hospital, which is operated by the Department of Defense.

The hospital has veterinary specialists on staff and state-of-the art tools and rehab equipment.

"Medicine has changed over the years," said Col. Kelly Mann, hospital director. "We want to do what's best for the dog and if possible return the dog to work."

Some dogs are treated on-site in war zones, but those that need more therapy are treated in the $15 million facility.

A common disorder treated is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), just as it is seen in people. Once the dogs are rehabilitated, they return to their post while those that can't go back to work get adopted.

"Our four-legged soldiers mean the world to us here, and we think they deserve everything we can possibly give them," said certified rehabilitation therapist Kelly Meyer. "They're kind of the unsung heroes, they inspire me every day."

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