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Neighbor saves pregnant woman from attacking dogs

OTTERBEIN, IN (CNN) - An Indiana man and his dog are being called heroes after they saved a pregnant woman from a dog attack.

Jessica Inman was walking to visit a neighbor when four dogs attacked her.

"I tripped over one of the dogs and two of them were biting on the back of my leg, biting on the back of my knee and my leg. And when I fell down that third time I just couldn't get up," she said.

Inman is two-and-a-half months pregnant. She says she now has 50 separate puncture wounds below her waits, but that she wouldn't be alive if it weren't for Bill Farrar, her neighbor and the only one who heard her screams for help.

"I could just hear someone hollering faintly 'Please help me, please help me,' Farrar said. "I took off running across his yard and as soon as I got to the road. I saw a body lying there with dogs chewing on it and trying to drag it away. So I ran down there, reached down and grabbed her arm and tried to pull her away."

The dogs turned on Farrar and began attacking him. His dog Toby came to the rescue.

"And they tried to get me, one came around to get me," he said. "About the time he came around, my dog came beside me and tackled it. It ended up I had to take care of two dogs and he took care of the other two."

While Inman says she owes her neighbor her life, Farrar says she only owes him the cup of coffee he threw down as he ran to help her.

"Yeah that's what he says. I feel I owe him more, but he says 'Just a cup of coffee,'" she said.

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