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Memphis man busted for selling bogus handbags

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Police charged a Memphis man for selling counterfeit handbags Thursday.

Lionel Collins is accused of parking in front of a day care and selling bogus designer handbags out of the trunk of his black Mercedes.

The owner of the property said loitering is not allowed. He said Collins would have been chased off by security if he had known.

Police said they saw Collins selling fake purses. They let him drive off before pulling him over six blocks away.

In Collins' trunk, police found 11 fake purses, two fake wallets and a pair of fake sunglasses. Police said if the merchandise had been real, it would have been worth about $6,700.

Keith Haney of Haney and Associates is a private investigator who investigates trademark counterfeiting cases in five different states for 40 different clients.

"The counterfeiting industry is huge," said Haney. "It's a multi-billion dollar enterprise."

Haney said bogus designer goods can have ties to terrorist organizations across the globe.

"Am I saying that is happening in Memphis and those sources are right here? No, I'm not saying that, but I'm saying it's a possibility," said Haney.

Collins has a history of selling fakes. In 2008, he was arrested with 30 different items that would have been worth more than $31,000 if real.

Action News 5 went by Collins' house, but got no answer.

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