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Map detailing potential bomb locations found at middle school

LOUISVILLE (CNN) - Five middle school students face disciplinary action after a teacher found a map detailing spots where bombs could be placed at their school.

The school is pulling no punches, saying it doesn't matter if it was a serious threat or not, the kids will be punished.

The map was taken from a sixth-grader at Stuart Middle School in Louisville, KY.

The five students allegedly involved were taken into custody, and a K-9 unite was called in to sniff for bombs.

Nothing was found, but parents said they don't mind the district's stern response.

"You should never take anything lightly. Especially in schools because we have all sorts of kids. Nice ones, good ones, bad ones. You just never know. Can't take nothing lightly," parent Eric Leanhart said.

But not everyone agrees.

"You can't do that. Because kids do act out. We've seen it many times before on the news," another parent, Angela Donaldson said.

School officials said the five students may have made the map as part of a fantasy video game, but stress that they have to take every threat seriously these days.

"Whether all these students thought this was a joke or not, is in our opinion, irrelevant. We take it very seriously, and there will be consequences," school district spokeswoman Laruen Roberts said.

Those consequences included sending a letter home with all school students basically stating that the map was found and urging parents to speak with their children about the seriousness of making threats, even seemingly innocent ones.

In this case, the five students will face long-term suspensions in addition to criminal charges.

While officials do believe the students had no intention of following through, they are making no apologies for their response.

"We don't believe that school safety we can overreact at all. We have to take everything seriously. The fact that the children were not just talking about it, but actually put this in writing, we think it's very serious," Roberts said.

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