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Man who allegedly bit 2 FBI agents may have been radical

MAYPORT, PA (CNN) - A man charged with biting two federal agents was found to have not only a stash of weapons in his room, including an AK-47, but also a collection of disturbing videos.

Authorities said the footage showed the suspect may have been an extremist training for a violent mission.

The suspect, 21-year-old Emerson Begolly, was charged with biting two FBI agents while reaching for an illegal, loaded 9MM pistol.

FBI agents then seized training videos during a raid on a farm owned by Begolly's father.

Larry Likar, a former FBI terrorism expert, said the agency targets people like Begolly for investigation.

"There's a radicalization process that they go through -- and if you can catch that process at an earlier time before they have actually have targeted and moved into a tactical phase then there's a much greater chance of being able to prevent an act of violence," Likar said.

Federal Prosecutor Soo Song told the court that Begolly had murderous intentions.

"A desire to kill, he was preparing to strike. He was training on his father's farm shooting a pumpkin and videotaping places taking off from a nearby airport," Song said.

She also said that Begolly "talked about killing Jews, and taking school children hostage to force release of Muslim prisoners around the world."

Begolly has not been charged with any terrorism crimes and is being held without bail pending trial on charges of assaulting the FBI agents.

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