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Police search for scene of double shooting, victims drove away

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Memphis, TN (WMC-TV) - Police are looking for the person who shot and killed one man and critically injured another man after firing multiple shots into their car.

A friend says the survivor is "hanging on by a thread" at The Med. Police say even after driver, 30, and his passenger were shot, he kept driving, until he ran over a curb.

When police arrived the passenger was already dead. Friends of the survivor said they had no idea who would have shot him.

"It shouldn't have happened," Orlando Hood said. "Whatever it is, whatever it was about, why they were shooting at him, it shouldn't have happened."

The rear driver's side window was shot out. There were multiple bullet holes in the car's trunk and bumper.

"He don't have a problem with anyone," Timothy Pollard, a friend of the survivor said. "Seriously, I'm not just saying this for TV, he don't have a problem with nobody. He mind his own business and do whatever he have to do to make his money."

Monday evening police still didn't know where the shooting happened. They aren't sure how far the driver went before jumping this curb and coming to a stop, at Decatur and J. W. Williams.

"We're trying to backtrack to find out where it actually occurred," Lt. Col. Marcus Worthy said. "So we can find the crime scene, right now, we don't have a scene."

"I thought somebody just had a wreck," Donny Swift, a neighbor said. "You know? But somebody's dead in the car?"

People who live in the neighborhood say they are concerned for the children who live there.

"We're in what you would call a low class neighborhood, but we've got good people around here."

Friends say the driver's nickname is "Booty". They don't know his real name.

"He's a good guy, he always help people, always been there for me," Hood said.

No one at the scene knew who the passenger was.

The gunman or gunmen are still on the loose tonight. Police say they need people's help to catch the killer. If you know anything that could help police even find the crime scene call (901) 528-CASH.

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