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Friends remember victim of Oakland ammunition plant explosion

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OAKLAND, TN (WMCT-TV) - It has been nearly two weeks since an explosion inside an Oakland, Tennessee ammunition plant killed a Somerville man. 

As the investigation continues, friends of the victim are speaking out for the first time. 

"Everybody called him 'Cliffie D,'" said Cliff Davis' friend Allison Riles.  "That was his name."

Friends remember Davis as a man who lived every minute of life.

"Loved his family, loved his friends, loved getting together and having a good time," added Riles.  "If somebody wasn't having a get together, he'd have one."

Cliff Davis died after an explosion inside Kinematics in Oakland.  He worked at the plant two years.

"I do have questions but at this point," said Riles.  "He's gone and that's the part that's hard to focus on now.  We're dealing with that and helping his family get through it."

The 34-year-old Davis was an only child.

Allison Riles said she and her brother Jared were like Davis' brother and sister.  The three would often spend time in Davis' Jeep at the river.  They would also spend summers together in their boat.

"There won't be other memories made," said Riles.  "I guess that's the hardest part is that its over."

Friends say Cliff Davis never met a stranger.  Now that he's gone, they said they plan to take on his motto for life.  

"To live everyday to the fullest because that's how he lived life," said Riles.  "Love family, friends."

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