One neighborhood is still in the dark

At Tillman Cove Homes the air conditioners are humming along except in one area.

"It's just a big disappointment to have it then not have it."

IT is electricity that came back on for several hours then went out when a transformer blew.

"They said they would be out about 9:30 the next day then somebody called back and talked to my son and said they was gonna send them out but they never got here and they haven't made it yet."

MLG&W is telling customers who get power then lose it that they're at the end of the list for restoration.

Priority now is to areas still without power due to the storm.

"Everybody's just set in the living room, outside, 1 or 2 in the morning cause it's so hot you can't speak."

Tillman Cove isn't the only area suffering from new outages several neighborhoods have reported blown transformers.

MLG&W says they're trying as hard as they can to get power to everyone.