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'Information superhighway' getting bogged down

SAN DIEGO (NBC) - Many parts of the country are facing major traffic jams on the information superhighway due to internet traffic from our computers, smart phones and notebook computers.

"We all have smart phones now, we didn't used to; we all have tablets; we have notebooks; we have computers at home; we have cars that are computerized," said Datel Systems' Larry Piland.

The more ways we are able to be connected to the system, the higher the risk of it getting bogged down. The WiFi world may have promised us more than it could deliver.

"You eat up that bandwidth really fast, and it chops it up into little pieces so it gets slower and slower and slower," Piland said.

It takes time and money, but the internet and wireless companies stand to benefit from our increasingly connected lifestyles. That's why as the demand grows, so will the ability to connect.

"There'll be some rocky roads here in the next year or two, but they'll get it together," Piland said.

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