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Andy's Rest. Scorecard: Showboat Barbecue

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HICKORY HILL (WMC-TV) - BIG TIP OF THE WEEK:  Showboat Barbecue, 3200 Hickory Hill, Southeast Memphis, (901) 366-0242

5-second rule, 3-second rule -- no pick-it-up rules necessary at Showboat Barbecue. The place sparkles!

Owner Porter Moss is a stickler for a spic-and-span restaurant. Its cleanliness is why Showboat Barbecue has landed back-to-back 98's on its Memphis-Shelby County Health Department inspections (Jan. 14 and Sept. 29, 2010).

Loyal customers appreciate the staff's compulsive attention to a clean shop, but they really pack it in for Moss's 12-hour smoked pork shoulder.

"We cook that meat so good, (my staff) can't even make a mistake!" boasted Moss.

Big portions? Done! Paper plates buckle under piles of fries and pulled pork sandwiches the size of your face.

"They're my personal favorite," said Jonathan Laman of Cordova, TN. "I think it's clean here. No issues at all. We come here pretty regular, at least once a week."

Olive Branch, MS's Joel Stewart said, "It's a great place. Great barbecue. Food's good. Service is great. What else could you want?" 

I'm sold!  Gimme a sandwich and a bowl of stew!

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  Barbecue Stew (like a chunky Brunswick Stew), Pulled Pork Sandwich & Fries, Showboat Cheeseburger

HIGH SCORE OF THE WEEK:  Subway, 2838 Hickory Hill, Southeast Memphis, 99 on Jan. 14


The Rack, 3622 Lamar, Southeast Memphis, 96 on Jan. 14

Taqueria Guadalupana, 3160 Austin Peay, Raleigh, 95 on Jan. 14

Burger King, 3591 Lamar, Southeast Memphis, 95 on Jan. 14

Krystal, 3675 Lamar, Southeast Memphis, 95 on Jan. 14

TCBY, 7990 Hwy. 64, Bartlett, TN, 95 on Jan. 11

Wendy's, 3196 Austin Peay, Raleigh, 95 on Jan. 14

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