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Airman sentenced for spreading HIV

WICHITA, KS (NBC) - With help from his wife, an Air Force sergeant was sentenced to eight years in prison for intentionally spreading HIV to his swinger partners.

Sgt. David Gutierrez was found guilty of aggravated assault and violating his orders by not notifying his partners of his HIV status.

Gina Gutierrez, David's wife, said he never accepted his HIV status, and he had gone too far and needed to be stopped.

"What people don't know is I worked at OSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigation) over the summer giving them all the information they needed to prove that all the allegations were true," Gina Gutierrez said.

Gina Gutierrez said the information she gave the Air Force was supposed to help him, but the Air Force used the information to make an example of him.

David Gutierrez was dishonorably discharged, and he will no longer receive the military insurance that was paying for his HIV treatments.

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