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New phone app helps colorblind to see

(NBC) - A new smart phone app is helping the color blind see things they have never laid eyes on before.

Before the app, dubbed the DanKam, Jeff Kramer was out of luck while getting dressed if his wife wasn't around to help him match colors. Now he can turn to his phone.

"We've got it down to a science where I'll be walking out and she'll say, 'Stop,' and she'll just go, 'No,'" Kramer said. "And then you know, back in."

The DanKam is an adjustable filter that the user can customize to compensate for his or her deficiency. DanKam is named for its developer, Dan Kaminsky.

An internet security expert by day, Kaminsky said he built the app to help a friend who was color blind, and is frankly shocked by how many people he has ended up helping.

"People are telling me they're in tears," Kaminsky said.

People that aren't color blind may wonder why you should care about an app like this, and the answer would be an example of the direction mobile technology is headed. What started out as a way to listen to music or play games is turning out to be more.

Radha Basu, of Santa Clara University's Center for Science, Technology and Society, said there are apps that can turn mobile phones into heart monitors, hearing aids and even help blind people navigate city streets.

"Problems of society that we never thought we could solve before are starting to get addressed," Basu said.

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