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Young dog found freezing and bound in woods

LANSING, MI (NBC) - A pit bull is lucky to be alive after being bound and left to die in a freezing Michigan forest.

"I think they tried to kill her. You could tell someone abused her," Ernest Moss said.

Moss found the dog in a wooded area near his Lansing home as he was out walking his own two Boxers on Wednesday afternoon.

"My big dog tried to pull me down the hill and I didn't know what was going on so I looked down the hill and I saw a female pit bull all tied up and shaking," Moss said.

Moss stumbled across "Tatiana" who was bound, bruised, covered in blankets and nearly frozen to the ground.

"Her paws were taped, her back legs were taped. It took me half an hour to take the tape off and around her mouth was taped, it was pretty sad," Moss said. "All that mattered to me was to save her."

Hairs were ripped out by the tightly-wound electrical tape which had her hog-tied in the frigid cold.

"It's not something we've never seen before, but it's something we'd never like to see again," said Julia Palmer, CEO of the Capital Area Humane Society.

Her head swollen from severe trauma, she's believed to have been beaten repeatedly with a blunt object.

"But I saved her. That made me feel good. I cried, but it made me feel good," Moss said.

The Capital Area Humane Society is now looking after her recovery.

"She's a really tough dog," Palmer said.

The CAHS is offering a $500 reward for any information leading to an arrest in the case.

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