Dog fighting "pit" discovered in Memphis home

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Memphis Police say they found a dog fighting pit, or ring, Thursday inside a vacant house on Alaska Street.

"I don't like that," said neighbor Cierra Suggs.

She and her friend live just down the street and told Action News 5 they hate knowing dogs may have been forced to fight.

"Cause I like animals and stuff," said Suggs.

"They probably didn't want to fight each other," said friend Latisha Catron.

Police believe a man named Kevin Fitch fought the dogs.  They charged him with, among other things, aggravated animal cruelty.

They arrested Fitch at a house next door where they found four pit bulls without food or water and with physical signs consistent with dog fighting.

Police also charged Darryl Cohen after finding pot, a crack pipe, and what appeared to be a stolen weapon.

We couldn't get inside the vacant house and police would not release photos of the dog fighting ring because it's an ongoing investigation.

Photos posted on-line by the National Canine Research Council show pits, or rings, that are usually enclosed areas indoors and out.

The dogs that were rescued went to Memphis Animal Services while the suspects went to jail.

According to records, the vacant house belongs to a company in Houston, Texas.

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