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Residents claim neighbor's flag scares away renters

SACRAMENTO, CA (NBC) - Residents in one Sacramento, CA, neighborhood are outraged that a man has hung a large swastika in front of his window.

Joe Ongaro said he is flying the flag because he doesn't like his next door neighbors and hopes to prevent them from renting their home.

Ongaro said his inspiration came from a scene in the movie, "Step Brothers."

In the movie, two step-brothers pose as a Nazi and a Klu Klux Klan member to sabotage their parents' attempts to sell their home.

"It's just it's been going on for so long. It just feels rotten," said Jolane Davis.

Davis owns the home listed for rent.

She and her family moved out only after she said Ongaro terrorized them for years.

Both Ongaro and the Davises agree the problems started when the Davises remodeled their home.

"He turned off our water several times. He poisoned our dog. He would shoot BB guns into the backyard when my daughter was playing," Davis said. "I'm so tired of losing sleep."

Just days ago, video cameras caught Ongaro trying to dismantle the surveillance system installed on Davis' home.

The Davis family now has a restraining order and pending lawsuit against Ongaro.

Neighbors said they are not the first people to have problems with him.

"He's a bully," said Judy Trewartha, who lives across the street.

People in the neighborhood describe their street as a close-knit and family-friendly place.

They said they are upset with Ongaro's actions.

"I'm horrified," Trewartha said.

"That's ridiculous, and it needs to come down," said Patrick Birdsong, who lives in the neighborhood.

The Davises hope the district attorney will file criminal charges.

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