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School board approves Ten Commandments in classrooms

GILES COUNTY, VA (NBC) - Virginia's Giles County School Board has voted unanimously to put the Ten Commandments back in schools.

The commandments were in the schools for more than a decade before being removed last month.

An attorney representing the "Freedom from Religion Foundation" wrote a letter to the superintendent saying it was unconstitutional.

More than 100 people showed up Thursday to fight that decision. Pastor Shahn Wilburn from Riverview Baptist Church was one of them.

"When you walk by and read, 'Thou shalt not kill,' if you were in Littleton, CO, and Columbine High School it would mean something to you today," he told the school board.

After hearing from community members the board voted for the Ten Commandments to return to schools.

The superintendent says it will happen by the end of next week.

In an e-mailed response the "Freedom from Religion Foundation" says it is considering all legal options to address the board's decision.

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