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Co-workers have sons going to Super Bowl

ARLINGTON, TX (NBC) - Two co-workers not only share the same job, but they also have sons going to the Super Bowl, playing for different teams in two weeks in Dallas.

Diane Browning and Joyce Nance collect medical bills for a living. And they both have sons who dreamed of playing in the NFL one day.

While their sons Dimitri Nance and Dorian Brooks pursued the same goal, their mothers compared notes at work.

"I would hear her stories and what Dimitri was dealing with, and she would tell me her stories, I'd tell her mine," Diane Browning said.

Don't expect to see either actually playing in the Super Bowl. Brooks is on the practice squad and as a young rookie, Nance will probably stay on the sidelines. But their proud mothers will both be there to root them on.

"I'm just so excited," said Joyce Nance. "I just don't know."

Browning said that there is no rivalry because both mothers have won, but that the Steelers are going to take the Super Bowl win.

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