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Teen accused of threatening school on Facebook held on $50,000

DE SMET, SD (NBC) - An 18-year old South Dakota student arrested after allegedly making threats on her Facebook page was brought before court.

Melissa Kruger was taken into custody on charges of simple assault and making a terrorist threat.

She is accused of detailing how she would use her step-father's shotgun to kill students and teachers at De Smet High School.

"I have to wonder what's going through her mind. I know she really didn't mean it. I know she writes a lot on her computer and she should've known better," Patty Willson, Kruger's mother, said.

One of the hardest things for Patty is realizing her daughter could have written those things.

"I'm really sorry. It's a sweet town and they really didn't deserve this kind of chaos. I wanted to raise my kids here even before I had kids. This is just an embarrassing thing really," she said.

Patty said she wants to get a message out, a message to raise awareness against things like this so no one else has to go through what she and her daughter are now facing.

"What I would like kids to know is if they don't really mean it, don't write it. It takes on a whole new meaning when it comes off the computer, the wall, or the TV. When it comes into your life it takes on a whole new meaning," Willson explained.

That is something her daughter is now learning first hand.

"The kids now-a-days grow up hearing this kind of stuff so I suppose writing it doesn't seem so bad, then doing it, the after affect is what seems really bad, so writing it doesn't seem so bad, but it can be. It can be very bad," she said.

Since Melissa Kruger's Facebook threats were about students and teachers, the state's attorney is asking for a $50,000 bond and that Kruger not be allowed to contact anyone in relation to the school.

In court Monday, Kruger was appointed an attorney because she could not afford one on her own.

Once the attorney contacts her, they can begin to ask for a lower bail, or even a scenario that results in house arrest until her next court appearance.

She will be charged as an adult.

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