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Woman discovers she was separated from parents at birth

(NBC) - A newborn baby separated from her real family and raised by another has been reunited with lost loved ones after 25 years.

Anna Jefferson hardly knows how to introduce herself.

"I've been living a totally different life. I've been living my life as Anna Latrice Cummings, but I'm not her. I'm Anna Latrice Jefferson," she explained. "Legally, what's on my birth certificate is Anna Latrice Jefferson."

For the first 18 years of her life Anna never knew this.

It was only when she moved away from the people she had thought were her parents did they tell her they were not.

"They were like me and my daddy got something to tell you," she said.

Instead, they gave her a birth certificate and hospital record naming a mother Anna had never known, a mother, they said, who couldn't take care of her.

"They didn't explain it to me like they kidnapped me," she said. "Basically, just please let it alone, but I know why they don't want to talk about it, because they know what they did."

Only recently did Anna learn more.

Last month, at her friends' urging, Anna began to search.

Calling the hospital and the Department of Human Services she learned she'd never been legally adopted.

Relentless looking led to a cousin, an uncle, and a sister.

But with these joys came crushing news.

Her biological father died in 2009 and her mother in 2006.

"I just wish she was here. I just wish I could let her know that I am here and that I'm alive," Anna said.

Anna's sister said her mother had wanted her, had searched for her, had thought her little girl was lost.

"They said she always said one day she is going to come back. She'll be grown but she'll come back and here I am," Anna said.

She is headed to reunite with the family she never knew.

"It's confusing and nerve wracking because I got to start all over again, like I'm being reborn all over again," she said.

"I'm gonna leave it in God's hands, I won't hold a grudge against nobody."

Anna does not know how she was transferred from her biological mother to the family who raised her.

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