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Jurors hear testimony in shooting death of U of M football player

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Jurors heard testimony Tuesday in the trial of the alleged triggerman in the shooting death of University of Memphis football player Taylor Bradford.

Victor Trezevant, 24, was identified by police as the shooter in Bradford's death. If convicted, be would face life in prison.  Trezevant has denied shooting Bradford, but has admitted he and three friends tried to rob Bradford of $7,400 he won at a Tunica casino.

Tuesday, prosecutors said Trezevant was involved in planning and carrying out the failed robbery that turned into murder on campus.

University of Memphis police officer Robert Frans, the first officer to reach the scene of the shooting, testified that at first police thought they were merely working a serious car wreck.

"Once they got him in the ambulance, that's when I was notified about a gunshot wound to the victim," Frans said. "At that time the paramedics handed me what was in his pockets which was a large sun of money."

"There were 74 $100 bills."

Defense attorney Bill Massey argued that Trezevant was there, but only for a robbery, unaware the robbery's mastermind had another plan.

"Devin Jefferson came up to the other side of the car, put a gun in, and shot," Massey said. "I mean there was no robbery. There was no intent to robbery. Nobody even asked for money. Nothing. Devin Jefferson comes in, sticks his hand in and POW!"

If convicted, Trezevant faces the possibility of life in prison.

A jury convicted codefendant Devin Jefferson of first-degree murder in May after two other codefendants identified him as the one who planned the robbery of Bradford.

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