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People in Somerville weary of snow

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SOMERVILLE, TN (WMC-TV) - The snow fell for several hours in Somerville, but for the most part Tuesday evening, the snow was melting once it hit the ground.

As snow flakes started falling in Somerville, some faces also fell.

"It's cold, cold, wet and nasty," Roger Allen said.

This is the third snow fall in three weeks, so for many, the novelty has worn off.

"It's pretty but it gets nasty real quick," Allen said.

For Roger Allen this sight means a lot of hard work in the cold.

"I don't like all this bad weather, I have to feed a lot of animals. And it's not good."

For Sydney Wilson, who is in the cattle business, all the white stuff means...more green.

"It's not good on the animals," Wilson said. "They're eating twice as much feed as they normally do. It costs a lot more to take care of them."

Wilson is also the owner of Wilson Trucking. He says some of his employees got caught in the snow.

"We've got a couple of tankers out right now delivering liquid feed," Wilson said. "We've got two gravel trucks out, they should have already been in. But the weather's holding them up."

For others, a snow day means no pay.

"I just don't need no more snow, I need to work," a woman said outside a Somerville grocery store.

But some are looking on the bright side of things.

"It's better than it being 110," Rick Barbe said.

There is a reason Barbe has a good attitude.

"If it's on the ground I'm going to stay home from work tomorrow."

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