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Teen mom struggling to raise three children

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Life for 18-year-old Brittany Slaughter and her three children is all about survival.

"It's really not hurting me that much anymore," said Slaughter, wiping tears from her eyes.  "I'm really used to it.  I guess I'm surviving.  I'm making it."

Slaughter has a three-year-old, a two-year-old and a two-month-old.  She said she had her first child when she was 15.

"I don't have no job," she said.  "I don't have nowhere to stay because our house caught fire in August.  I'm staying with my friend right now, so it's really hard out here for me."

Slaughter dropped out of high school when she was in the ninth grade and was never able to graduate.  With her children's fathers absent from their lives, she said raising all three children by herself is a huge challenge.

"I get child support from her dad like once a month," she said.  "I get AFDC on the first.  I get food stamps and stuff, but that's still not enough to take care of my kids."

Slaughter said while she did use birth control to keep from getting pregnant all three times, she said it did not work.

"With the birth control pills, you have to take them every day at the same time," said Slaughter.  "And if you don't take them at the same time, they won't be effective."

With the teen pregnancy crisis on the rise in the Memphis and Shelby County area, Slaughter urged other teen girls not to make the same mistakes she did.

"They shouldn't have no kids right now," said Slaughter.  "They should wait until they get grown and stable when they know they have the job and money to spend on a child."

Slaughter said she hopes to one day be able to go back to school and get her G.E.D. so she can get a job.

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