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Parents, students concerned after online threats at Munford High

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MUNFORD, TN (WMC-TV) - Word spread quickly Thursday among students at Munford High School and their parents of a possible incident at the school.

Munford Police stepped up regular patrols at Munford High School after rumors of support for Jacob "Paco" Brown, the 16-year-old student charged in the murders of an elderly couple last week.

"There's rumors there's going to be big fights and stuff," said student Jennifer Wright.  "There's one about there's going to be a school shooting because Paco's in custody."

The school was closed Wednesday due to weather.  Some parents kept their children home from school Thursday.

"Everybody is supposed to wear dinosaur shirts," said student Austin Moore.  "There's supposed to be a shooting."

"I'm scared," said student Katie Craig.  "Somebody's going to go all crazy about the Paco thing and it's going to get out of hand."

Brown is charged with killing James and Bea Walker in their home.  A baseball bat is believed to be the weapon.

Sometime between the murders and this week, students began posting on the internet that there would be violence at the school.  Rumors spread that there would even be "Free Paco" t-shirts.

"There's been a lot of rumors and threats that were supposed to happen at the school," said Munford Police Chief Jim Harger.

Student Paige Kemp said some students tried to wear the "Free Paco" shirts inside the school.

"They tried, but the administrator checked everybody's undershirt," said Kemp.

Munford High School's principal said there were no problems Thursday.  He did issue a statement that alerted parents about the rumors, but also said the school has found no basis for them.

One student said she saw another student wearing a t-shirt in support of the 16-year-old suspect.

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