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MLGW working to conserve energy with smart grid

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - MLGW is doing its part to conserve energy and asked Memphians to join the green movement.

MLGW has installed roughly 1,000 electric smart meters in households across the Mid-South.

"The smart grid is going to allow our participants to learn how they're using electricity throughout the day, every day of the billing period," said Becky Williamson with MLGW, "rather than waiting to the end of the billing period when they get a bill in the mail."

Participants in the Smart Grid Demonstration can track hourly electricity usage, electric demand and electricity costs online.

The smart meter records electric information every 15 minutes, stores it and communicates that string of information to MLGW once per day.

"The smart meter has cell phone capabilities built into it," said Williamson.  "So once a night, MLGW is going to go out and retrieve the data that the smart meter has been measuring."

MLGW is also preparing to welcome electric cars as an eco-friendly and environmentally conscious method for consumers.

Richard Bowker with MLGW said the power company is currently working with Nissan to see where the demand for the cars are in the Memphis-Shelby County area.

"Who is looking at acquiring an electric vehicle, or who has ordered an electric vehicle," said Bowker.

MLGW is also considering where to set up charging stations to make it affordable and easier for customers to power up at home, work or in public.

"Maybe a library or city hall or some municipal location where customers can charge while they're in there," said Bowker.

Consumers can reportedly save about $100 a month in fuel cost by using an electric vehicle.

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