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Dog injured in dog fighting being nursed to health

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A local veterinarian is nursing a dog seriously injured in dog fighting back to health.

Dr. Danielle Bayliss with Memphis Veterinarian Specialists said this is the beginning of a long road to recovery for two-year-old Boxer named Maximos.

"He had his tongue severed," said Bayliss.  "He came in in severe shock.  He was dying from blood loss."

When Maximos arrived at Memphis Veterinarian Specialists, he was in bad shape.

"He did have some bite wounds, so we knew his tongue was removed probably by a fight or traumatic injury of some kind," said Bayliss.

Bayliss said the dog's owners could not afford treatment, so they surrendered him to their facility.  The owners had saved a portion of Maximos' tongue in a cooler so that doctors could reattach it.

"Unfortunately, the circulation to the severed part of his tongue declined, and on Wednesday we realized that the severed portion of the tongue was no longer viable," said Bayliss.  "We wouldn't be able to use it to lengthen the part of the tongue that's in his mouth."

With only 10 to 15 percent of Maximos' tongue left, doctors had to insert a stomach tube.

"In the event he can't use his tongue, he can actually eat through his feeding tube indefinitely," said Bayliss.  "He tolerates the feedings very well.  He's a laid back, mellow dog."

Bayliss said the only hope now is that Maximos finds a safe and loving home once he makes a full recovery.

"There is a St. Maximos that had his tongue removed in the 600's ... for courageously defending his beliefs," said Bayliss.  "So we decided to call him Maximos because he's just like a saint.  Sweet, gentle, tremendously loving, forgiving and very courageous."

Bayliss said they will try to give Maximos food and water by mouth in the coming days to see how he does.

To make a donation or to find out more information on how you can adopt Maximos, call the Memphis Shelby County Humane Society at (901) 937-3900.

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