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Alzheimer's threaten Baby Boomers

CHICAGO (NBC) - Five million American already have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, and that number may rise as the Baby Boomer generation gets older, according to a new report from the Alzheimer's Association.

"If we don't get it changed, it will go as high as 16 million by the middle of the century, and that's 10 million Baby Boomers who will have the disease," said Harry Johns, president of the association.

A study suggested healthy diet, exercise and education could help the brain in old age, but there is no method proven to prevent Alzheimer's.

"We invested heavily in cancer, heavily in heart disease and in HIV/AIDS, with very positive results," said Johns. "We have not yet done the same thing with Alzheimer's."

The study called for government funding, and that could buy more time for the Baby Boomer generation.

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