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BBB warns of new email scam to get your personal information

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Better Business Bureau has issued a warning about a new email being sent in an attempt to get your personal information. This time they're making it look like an order confirmation from

The bogus email typically looks very legitimate, coming complete with the logo and even an order number for an un-named product.

"It's very confusing to some people," said Reanna Smith-Hamblin with the BBB. "But luckily one of the employees here at the BBB received it and she's never even shopped on Amazon so she goes, 'Huh? This is strange,' and 'Oh no! I hope someone doesn't have my credit card information.'"

If you receive one of these emails and you know you haven't ordered anything from Amazon, you can pretty much be assured it's a scam. If you have ordered something from the online retailer recently, you can easily check to see if the email has come from Amazon. Simply hover your mouse over the highlighted links in the email, but don't click them.

If the links highlight with a web address other than Amazon, don't click them. And delete the email.

"This actual email has links in it that takes you to a completely different site," said Hamblin. "You know if you ordered something or not, you know if you did and if you didn't, contact directly and work it out that way."

Amazon asks that you forward those scam emails to their attention at

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