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Rock slide forces residents to evacuate neighborhood

BEATTYVILLE, KY (NBC) - Dozens of Beattyville, KY residents are looking for a place to live after the entire side of a mountain collapsed Saturday.

The slide sent several trees crashing into a trailer and massive boulders stopped just short of leveling several homes.

"I was sleeping, me and my wife and then all of a sudden heard a loud noise and trees started crashing through the house," said Jordan Wade, whose home was destroyed. "I thought it was all over, I thought it was the end."

Wade, his wife and her brother all survived. His son was spending the night at his grandmother's house.

"When we finally made it out, we looked up and just felt lucky to be alive," says Wade.

The road above the rock slide is closed because crews are afraid the highway is unstable.

In the meantime, about 50 people who live in the area will have to find somewhere else to live until the mess can be cleaned up.

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