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Convicted robber doesn't hide Facebook activities in prison

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Convicted robber Courtney Means didn't try to hide his Facebook activities from behind bars. His profile picture is his mug shot, and he posted photos from his prison cell, including one that shows how he decorated the cell's door.

In one status update, he wrote, "From what I hear everybody and their mama got a facebook page, so I figured it was about time I got with the program. As you can (see) from my picture right now I am locked up, but I will be home sooner than later."

That may be later, if his parole board sees another entry:

"Ppl ask me what im gn do when I get out...Da same thing I was doing b4 I got locked up...Getn money...Its jus now im allergic 2 SUCKAS"

Means was incarcerated for robbing people at gunpoint in the driveways of their Memphis homes.  According to court documents, in 2002, he robbed an elderly couple in their driveway just after they pulled in.  Means put a pistol against the man's face, demanding his wallet and his wife's purse, along with their car keys.  Means said he would shoot the couple if they didn't do what he demanded.

The couple has since died.

In another robbery, Means approached a 64-year-old man.  Even though the robbery happened more than eight years ago, the victim did not want to talk about it when Action News 5 reached him by phone.  According to court records, Means pointed a silver gun at the man's head and shouted, "Get in the house or I'll shoot."  Knowing that his wife was inside, the victim fought back against means, until a second man ran up and kicked him in the shoulder and face, breaking his nose.

Means and the man got away with $1,400.

In total, Means was convicted of three separate armed robberies.  But while serving his 18 year prison sentence, he's posted messages like this:

"Sumbdy tell me what website I can see sum FREE porn?"

"Im going out the same way i came n...hard as a (expletive)...real street (n----) nothing like dez otha suckas!"

While he admits prison hasn't changed him much, Means has asked his Facebook friends to send recommendation letters to the parole board, for a hearing next August.  He also wrote, "if u wanna get @ me txt me @ (his phone number) As long as its after 5 pm...Y'all know im locked up"

Means had 275 Facebook friends in June, but thanks to the Action News 5 Investigators, his Facebook activities ended six months later. After Means' Facebook activities were brought to the attention of the Tennessee Department of Correction, he was disciplined with 15 days in punitive segregation, and a fine.

Now, the only "cell" Means has access to now is the one he's sitting in.  A Tennessee Department of Correction spokesperson said cell phone possession is a serious problem in their prisons.  They are supporting efforts to convince the FCC to allow cell phone jamming technology to be used in Tennessee prisons.

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