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Pastors disagree about how to handle teen pregnancy crisis

By Jamel Major - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A controversy is brewing over the christening of babies born to unwed mothers.  One pastor says he won't do it in his church, while another says that is not the way God would want it.

Edward Rudd, Associate Pastor of Kingdom Knowledge Ministries and Studies, does not agree with a recent statement the Reverend Ralph White made regarding teen pregnancies.  

White says his church will not be the place to bless young babies if a child's parents are not married.

"We will do it, but not in the church setting," White said in a recent interview. "We'll go to the home, or if they want to have an event somewhere, we'll go there and do it."

"Everything about God is love," Rudd argued Thursday. "How can you say you wouldn't bless a child out of wedlock when God gave that child to the mom?  Had it not been so, he could have aborted the baby while it was in the mom's womb. So I was outraged with that."

But White hopes to send a message to young fathers to step up and provide for their families.
"Biblically speaking, a man who doesn't take care of his children or family is worst than an infidel," White said.

"Even the scripture that says a man that doesn't work shouldn't eat," Rudd counters. "There are people right now that's not working that are eating.  So that's Old Testament stuff."

Rudd says the teen pregnancy crisis is an issue that needs to be dealt with at home.

"What are you teaching your children?  How and what time are you spending with them?  Who you allow to take them into their hands and arms?  You're not doing what you possibly should have done," he said.

Rudd believes churches need to pay more attention to what he says is really important.

"We need to stop teaching about tithing, sexuality and all this stuff over the pulpit," he said. "It's horrible!  Bring people to the church and love them."

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