Weather strands Greyhound passengers in Memphis

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Winter weather in other parts of the country halted Greyhound traffic and left passengers stranded in Memphis Friday.

The last leg of Joe Kelley's long journey from Minnesota to Texas has him stuck in Memphis.

"Tomorrow morning, they say two buses are going to Dallas," said Kelley.  "But that's tomorrow.  So they have a way of telling you tomorrow, tomorrow."

The weather in the Dallas area is making it tough for travelers heading there for this weekend's Super Bowl.  Falling ice at Cowboys Stadium injured six people.

One Greyhound bus bound for Dallas made it was far as Hot Springs, but had to turn around.

M. J. Hamlett was onboard the bus that was forced to come back.

"This upsets me very much," said Hamlett.  "I heard we could get a discount on a room, but I ain't got that kind of money."

Hamlett and many others were planning to spend the night inside the terminal.  Some of them were stranded with small children.

"And we've been here since 6:00 this morning," said Hamlett.

Arizona-bound passenger Chuck Dockery tried to make the most of things.

"I'm having to go up to the closest bar and have fun," said Dockery.

A Greyhound spokesperson said passenger safety comes before convenience.

Delays were not limited to highway travel.  Some flights from Memphis International to areas like Dallas were also behind schedule.

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