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Old-timers keep old-fashioned phones in demand

(NBC) - While smartphones have a commanding lead in the wireless communication market, demand for old-fashioned flip phones remains high.

Older users are a major chunk of the target audience.

Carriers like Verizon and AT&T have customized plans for them and manufacturers have customized equipment, like the Jitterbug from Great Call or Samsung's Haven.

"It even comes with a button for 911 calls," said CNET.com's Maggie Reardon. "So, if you can't figure out, 'Oh, no 911,' you just hit that button. And it also comes with an enhanced speaker phone."

Not-so-smart phones are also attractive to those wanting to save money.

"If you get a smartphone, it may be neat," said Reardon. "People may think it's kind of cool, but it's expensive."

Smartphones may cost up to $700 a year. Half that price gets you a simple cell phone.

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