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Temporary seating at Super Bowl leaves hundreds angry

ARLINGTON, TX (NBC) - Temporary seating installed for the Super Bowl at Dallas Stadium was deemed unsafe for game time, which left hundreds of Super Bowl ticket holders enraged.

The temporary seating wasn't completed in time for kickoff and didn't pass the required safety code.

Those who were originally supposed to sit in these seats were shuffled around the stadium for hours while those in charge tried to resolve the problem. Fans were given a letter that claimed they would be given a refund equal to three times the face value of each ticket.

"I got all the way through and they looked at my ticket and they said, 'Go over with those people.' Those people are all these people, and there are hundreds of other people like this in different places," one angry Green Bay fan said.

Around 1,250 ticket holders were affected, with 850 being accommodated in their original or better seats. Four hundred were paid three times face value for their tickets.

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