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Scammers trick pair of Southaven businesses

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SOUTHAVEN, MS - (WMC-TV) - Two Southaven business managers were recently tricked by a scam that led them into handing crooks a pile of cash.

It's a scam that involves a MoneyGram. The crooks are preying on business managers. In early January, scammers managed to get $600.00 from the Marshall's in Southaven.

Four weeks later and only 100 yards away, they tricked the clothing store, Ashley Stewart, out of $430.00.

How do the thieves do it? Lieutenant Mark Little with the Southaven Police Department said they con business managers with a lawsuit.

"They kind of play on their fear of getting sued or their store taking the hit," said Little.

Authorities said the scammers call and ask for the manager and pose as an attorney or insurance agent. They'll say their client slipped and fell in their store and it was not reported.

"Basically tell them I can settle this, but I need you to go tell me how much cash you have on hand," said Little.

Little added that business managers comply to avoid the lawsuit. They empty the registers and grab any remaining cash.

The managers use a MoneyGram to wire the cash over. According to Little, in both cases, the money was picked up within 10 minutes.

"If it throws up red flags or gut feelings, take a name and number and make sure you're doing the right thing," said Little.

Investigators say in both cases, the calls came from the Houston, Texas area.

"I would think if they're hitting two or three stores here, then they're hitting two or three in other areas," said Little.

Lt. Little said if any businesses receive calls that sound like this Money Gram scam, to report it to the Southaven Police Dept at 662.393.8652.

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