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Two killed in house explosion in Ohio

HINCKLEY TOWNSHIP, OH (CNN) - Two people were killed Monday when their house exploded in a neighborhood near Akron, OH.

Neighbors say the explosion was so powerful it shook the ground.

The 911 calls started coming just before 7:30 a.m., Monday morning.

"We just heard a huge, our whole house shook and my husband looked out the window and it looked like, I don't know what it was, but it was a big we could see smoke," said Diane Wolgamuth a resident of the neighborhood.

From two doors away neighbors said the blast knocked pictures from their walls.

"We thought a tree may have hit the house because things fell off the wall and so my husband went outside to look and he saw the flames," said Teri Holmberg another resident.

Local firefighters quickly responded and said that as soon as they arrived they realized that things are bad.

"The house was completely engulfed, there wasn't even a house there, there was no, what you would say was a frame of a house, just completely engulfed, at that point we knew automatically it's not search and rescue," said Dan Landis a Hinckley fire fighter.

By Monday afternoon, the state Fire Marshal's Office arrived at the scene.

"It was a two-story-house, there was a lot of debris, and as you can see debris is blown across the road, so you have two stories of house sitting on top of everything and even though the fire is out it is going to be hot for a long time," Landis said.

The neighborhood does not have natural gas service, and with the extent of the damage, investigators say determining a cause will take a considerable amount of time.

Neighbors are praying for any good news.

Fire officials say the family dog survived and was taken to a local vet for treatment then given to family members.

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