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Lighter charge expected to curb sexting

AUSTIN, TX (CNN) - Texas wants to get tough on teen sexting by lightening the sentence for the crime.

"Our goal is not to put more teens behind bars, but to try to prevent this type of conduct from taking place," Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said.

Right now, prosecutors only have two options in teen sexting cases: either have them face strict adult pornography laws or do nothing.

Now, a bill is being considered that would take away the do nothing option and instead introduce a misdemeanor for first-time violators under age 18.

If the bill passes, those convicted would get the chance to wipe the slate clean when they turn 17.

The bill also addresses teens who receive sexually explicit images. If they report it to authorities within 48-hours, they're off the hook for possession of child porn charges.

According to a recent study, one in five girls admits to sending a sexually explicit picture of themselves to someone through email or text.

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